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Worldwide Shipping

Hi Shopper from the World

We would love for our designs to live beyond our small danish borders - so we do offer World Wide Shipping. 

I know the whole website are in danish - maybe Google Translate are your best friend in this situation. 

What I would like to show you, are:

how to choose World Wide Shipping. 

When you found the poster you want - just put it in the basket.

Good translations to know

"Vælg størrelse" = "Choose size of poster"

"Læg i kurv" = "Add to basket"

Then you go to the basket, and choose your Country.

If your country is not in the list - just choose wether you are from "World Wide (in EU)" or "World Wide (in EU) - then in the comments, let me know what country you are from.

Thats it - looking forward to ship it to your country.

how to choose

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